Sunday, October 26, 2014

Movie Review: Happy New Year - Doesn't Shahrukh have anything New?

Hello friends, don't expect this review to be high end reviewer filmy pandit review, this review is from general movie watcher (Mango person) with family. I watched this movie on Saturday 25th Oct, 2014 with my family and here is my view.

Right from the trailers I knew that movie will not be great, hence I did not prefer to watch this movie at expensive multiplex, I rather watched this movie at Drive-in Cinema at Ahmedabad.

I don't prefer to talk much about cast of the movie and background of each character as that will be found under so many films pandit reviews. Once movie starts its Shahrukh Khan, who wants to revenge his father's (Anupan Kher) death cheated by Jackie Shroff, who trapped him in wrong robbery case of Diamond and Shahrukh wants to take revenge by stealing 300 Cr diamonds from Jackie Shroff's safe.

This safe is said to be safest among world and can only be opened with finger print of Jackie's Son (Abhishek bachchan). And safe can only be reached through a duct which starts from a Hotel room which is booked by World Dance Championship, hence Shahrukh decides to take part in WDC so they get that room to reach the safe.

He brings together a gang (Boman Irani, Abhishekh Bachchan, Sonu Sood and new comer) and they all are looser on their own professions, and none of them knew dance, hence they take help of Dancer (Deepika Padukone) to learn dance. From here Actual Story starts. But the problem is, the preface of movie is tooooo long, it takes more than 1 hr to explain background of each member of the gang and actual movie starts when they start learning dance.

The part one of movie (before interval) could be shorten, its too stretched and really boring, movie picks up after Deepika's entry. Shahrukh Khan doesn't seem to have anything new now, he tries to survive with his old famous movie dialog repetitions and delivers almost nothing new. In fact in my opinion Abhishek did rather good.

Also characters of this movie are not understood properly, first they cheat deserving dance group to enter in WDC and in WDC they give up their own performance to help another dance group; which doesn't seem to suit their actual character described in the movie. But as expected by all viewers they are succeed to rob Diamonds from Jackie's safe but the journey of this mission is not breathtaking, it doesn't bring you at the edge of your seats and not exciting.

But movie sets are beautiful and performance of Shahrukh, Abhishek, Deepika are quite good and bearable. This movie can be seen once.

And here is how my Family Members felt about the movie.

My Daughter (10 years old) almost didn't watch movie, for her storyline was too complicated to understand and she was not able to understand what is going on.

My Son (14 years old) enjoyed second part of the movie but at Interval I had to explain him, what happened till interval, what's their plan and what they want to achieve and then he enjoyed little bit.

My Wife (34 years old) enjoyed the movie but same was my son, she almost wanted to go out of theater before interval and for me also movie was not so good before interval and final thought is,

Movie is all about robbing diamonds but during entire movie it feels like Movie is all about dance competition and we forget again and again that they are here to steal diamonds and director in entire movie had to repeat again and again that they are thieves and that weak point of movie. Can be seen once but don't spend too much movie, watch in silver ticket.
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