Saturday, August 22, 2015

It is time to plan "User Experience Optimization (UEO)"

It has been quite a long time I have been (almost 6 years now) watching SEO professionals fooling around businesses and their clients for Search Engine Visibility and other tasks.

User Experience Optimization (UEO)

I remember on March 2011, I quoted “SEO is not for long term success”, fortunately (or unfortunately) that time SEO was a successful business, strategies worked out and could get good amount sites on top of major search engines. But Still what could have been the strategy (that may not have got short term success)

Strategy required that time (Around 2010-11)
  • Nice Social Media profiles and planned promotion
  • Website developed and optimized keeping visitor in mind
  • Promoting Website using web 2.0
  • Create content and design that interests visitors.
Well SEOs thought my strategy was too simple, and due to law of nature, no one agreed to me that time. Now after about 4.5 years Google changed lot of his policies, What I was thinking back in March 2011 is now new strategy (it can again be short term if not done right).

But still unfortunately many people fool around people, May be because google keeps on changing policies and SEO professionals can easily get more money from their clients for new strategy for their website and stuff like that, but honestly if a website is properly optimized for users (your visitors), no Search Engine policy can ever hurt (in fact it will effect your website positively) your website. I can still see many of websites, I developed back in 2002 to 2010 in good rankings.

With this I definitely would like to bring new strategy that can help developers keep their clients happy without giving big amount money to SEO Professionals. And that strategy can be called “UEO (User Experience Optimization)”.

What do I mean by User Experience Optimization? How can that help your website rank higher on google.

First let us understand what Matt Cutts (Google) has been telling “The easier you can explain a topic, the better you appear to understand what you're saying”. I have been a Website Designer and Developer and have spent several years working with SEO Professionals, and honestly I never agreed to their ideas of developing and writing on website. I keep watching them fighting for short term success and keep saying “It is/was need of the time”. That is worst one can plan for the website “Keep fighting for need of the time”.

The time you say phrases like “Keyword, Google wants this/that, SEO, Description” you are completely missing idea, you are talking about developing / preparing your website for Search Engines and that is last thing Search Engine wants. Basic idea of Google or be it any other search engine is “to provide their user a best from their database, based on the keyword user has entered”.

Let us understand this with simple example, You are about to visit a store to buy fruits, and you see two stores, one has sign board and display ads like this. “Fruits, banana fruit, fresh fruit, best fruit, mango fruit, seasonal fruits and so on” and another shop says “Fruit Store, cleaned, organic and Fresh fruits like banana, mangoes, grapes, blueberries etc.” Which one would you visit? Do you need word “Fruit” for every type of fruit to understand a fruit store? or do you understand Banana it self is a fruit? I hope i made it clear.

Google is now working on Semantic Web So your website about bananas, mangoes, cherries, blueberries can also rank for fruit even if fruit is not in your content because now google is clever enough to understand these are fruits (users were already that smarter for ages).

Second problem is, that after these policies now Professionals want to change content to remove fruit and add as many fruit names to convince google that they are selling fruits, but again doing it for google, down ranks the website, makes that strategy short term, rather think what user will require, what is user behavior to buy their fruits.

It is now time to understand what Users want, study user behavior, write and optimize for users and remove the word “Search Engine” from mind and strategy completely, Search Engine Rank is byproduct when you are optimizing your website for users. Its now time to think “User Experience Optimization”. More on this and how to do it on next video blog soon.
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